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Ageing *sigh* some of us embrace it while others run from it. Whether you choose to grow old gracefully or continue your search for the fountain of youth, it's an inevitable fact of life of life: YOUR SKIN WILL AGE. At Skin Mod we strongly believe in the prevention of ageing over taking extreme methods to attempt to cure it for those who wish to do so. So let's talk facts, fiction and lifestyle factors that contribute to our individual ageing journeys.


Our key antiageing treatments are: Botox, Filler, Fotona 4D/3D Facial, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Peels, SmoothEye, Chemical Peels & Microdermabraision. To learn more about your skin always seek advice from a specialist. Information provided here is general and for informative purposes, not to substitute advice sought from a doctor/nurse/aesthetic practitioner.


Types of Ageing


Dynamic - Dynamic ageing usually takes place from a young age. This is when lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing occur on the face when it is in motion. They are also known as expression lines, though harmless at the time these often contribute to where deeper set wrinkles and fold will remain in later life. E.g. Laughter lines, frown lines and bunny lines


Static - Static ageing generally occurs at later stages in life when lines, wrinkles, sagging and folds are present on the face without requiring any movement, so when the face is resting. These are the lines that will remain with you, if untreated and progressively worsen. E.g. softened jawline, nasal folds, sallow cheeks horizontal forehead lines


The Stages Of Ageing:

The stage and rate of ageing varies from person to person. Factors that contribute to these changes can stem from such as lifestyle, environment and genetics and gender.

Age 25-35

The ageing proceed begins at 25! Over the next 10 years, here's what will happen to your skin:

• Cell turnover slows down, resulting in dead cells remaining on the skin which can create a dull appearance

• The eyes begin to age, early wrinkles can begin to appear

• Nasal lines become more prominent

• Jawline begins to soften


Age 35-45

This period is usually where dynamic ageing meets static. Here is what will happen to your skin:

• Lines & wrinkles will appear deeper, some people say they feel they look unhappy or angry due to lines

• Your "skin type" will suddenly change, if you feel your skin was more oil prone in younger years, you may find it is drier now

• Pigmentation changes

Age 45-55+

Though skin can still appear youthful if genetics or proper care is involved, static ageing will be prominent. Here is what will happen to your skin:

• Most women will experience mesopause, with the decline in oestrogen collagen will deplete

• Men can begin to loose density in their cheeks

• Skin can become dry/dehydrated

• Sun damage/ pigmentation will become more visible

• Contours of the face drop

• The jaw area begins to look softer





Q. What factors affect aging?


We all know the biggest factor to affect ageing is simply time and becoming older. But did you know your day to day life can affect the rate and style in which you age? Speak to a specialist to learn more about what factors you need to change to benefit your skin

The most common accelerators of ageing are:


Skin Trauma

General Skin Maintenance

Sun Exposure

Diet / Lifestyle


Homecare Products

Gender / Genetics


Skin type



Q. What makes a face look younger?


A "youthful face" has 3 attributes 1) Fullness in the upper areas of the face see image below 2) Smooth Skin 3) Ability to reflect light





At Skin Mod, we do not believe in suffering in silence, we do believe in education, prevention, repair and treatment. We aim to transform your skin through a bespoke skin modification process. With only the most innovative and proven treatments available we will create a treatment plan catered to your skin. Though your skin may classify as a specific condition we understand that each case is different and will treat your skin as such, on the day of your consultation you will be assessed by a chosen specialist who has extensive knowledge and experience with your specific skin condition


At Skin Mod we take 3 Steps to tackle Ageing:



STEP 1 Skin Analysis: Your specialist will focus on your history, habits, homecare, experience, expectations and concerns. Our analysis is free of cost and obligation, you will be see by a friendly, experienced aesthetic practitioner who will provide honest expertise on your concern. Depending on the concern we are potentially able to offer treatment on the day if required



STEP 2 Homecare: What changes need to be made? Could you be unknowingly aggravating your condition? Do we need to prep you skin for treatments to come? What key ingredients are you lacking in your products? Correct homecare is the key to maintaining and enhancing those results. The image above is our fave products to tackle the signs of ageing.


STEP 3 Treatment: A targeted treatment plan will be created and followed as needed. Treatments targeted for anti ageing are:


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