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Acne is a commonly reoccurring and scar inducing skin condition. It can occur at any point in a person’s life but is most common in teenagers and adult women. Not only does it have a traumatic effect on the physical aspect of the skin, it is also linked to a number of emotional and mental distresses.


Every hair follicle is linked to a sebaceous gland; this gland contains sebum and oils. An acne breakout is caused when the sebaceous gland is stimulated to overproduce these oils, resulting in a blockage, which can lead to possible infection. The condition is categorised into three main stages:




Mild is very treatable, minimal scarring and generally easy to manage.

It can be identified by:

•Visible blackheads that continue to occur all over the face


•Excess oil production


•Congestion but no inflammation.






Moderate is treatable but moderately scarring and tends to reoccur.

It can be identified by:

•Visible reoccurring blackheads




•Excess oil

•Moderate inflammation and congestion.

•You may also experience breakouts on other areas of the body, such as face and/or chest.





Severe is when medication is required. If you are to attend Skin Mod we would either suggest you speak to your GP or a Dermatologist. You may require topical or oral medication that may contain an antibiotic.

It can be identified by:

•Sore papules and pustules


•Unable to be expressed

•Significant inflammation

•Cystic nodules.

•This case will be a high risk for scarring and post inflammatory pigmentation.







Q. What causes acne?


Acne has a number of contributing factors, most of which are related to hormonal changes or imbalances. Changes in hormones irritate the sebaceous gland within our hair follicles; this causes inflammation, bacteria and excessive oil production.

The most common cause and aggravators of acne are:



Menstrual Cycle


PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


Hormonal imbalances


Q. Can my diet make my skin worse?


There is no scientific evidence that links what you eat to the appearance of your skin. Some people have tested increasing water intake to releases toxins and lowering sugary foods helps to reduce the production of hormone changing aspects of the skin. Therefore preventing aggravating the sebaceous gland, which is highly sensitive to hormonal changes. Though many studies have been performed, none have been approved by clinical studies. We base our advice on proven clinical studies and experience; so do take any advice as a suggestion until a proven study is released.


Q. Can I permanently cure my acne?


Due to the nature of the condition we cannot permanently cure acne, what we can do is maintain your skin for a large duration of time and minimise the visible effects. Acne is a temperamental condition as the outbreaks are caused by internal factors. What we aim to do is to focus on the patterns your skin generally follows and aim to predict and pre-empt future breakouts.


Q. Why am I told to not pop or squeeze spots?


The truth is the problem isn’t the process of squeezing; it is incorrectly squeezing the spot. It is best left to the professionals to assess the area and take the best course of action. An incorrectly expressed breakout will put you at a high risk of spreading the infected area – causing further lesions and inflammation, scarring from tearing the skin with the pressure put on it, pigmentation and pitting.


Q. Why do I have acne as an adult?


Acne can appear at any point in a person’s life. It is most common during your teenage years and early adulthood this is generally caused by a surge of hormonal changes. Unfortunately adult acne mostly affects women as a study carried out on 28/04/16 by an NHS approved independent body has found: on average, 80% of adult women suffer from acne whether it is on the face and/or body. We can see the reality of this statistic by looking at stars such as: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Alicia Keys and Rihanna who have all been seen sporting various stages of acneic skin into their adult lives. It is not just the ladies that suffer, you can also see from TOWIE star James “Diags” Bennewith who has recently received treatment for his acne and scarring at the age of 21.



At Skin Mod, we do not believe in suffering in silence, we do believe in education, prevention, repair and where possible: cure. We aim to transform your skin through a bespoke skin modification process. With only the most innovative and proven treatments available we will create a treatment plan catered to your skin. Though your skin may classify as a specific condition we understand that each case is different and will treat your skin as such, on the day of your consultation you will be assessed by a chosen specialist who has extensive knowledge and experience with your specific skin condition


At Skin Mod, we take 3 STEPS to tackle Acne Skin:




STEP 1 Skin Analysis: Your specialist will focus on your history, habits, homecare, experience, expectations and concerns. It will also include photographs for documentation purposes.

Our analysis is free of cost and obligation, you will be see by a friendly, experienced aesthetic practitioner who will provide honest expertise on your concern. Depending on the concern we are potentially able to offer treatment on the day if required.





STEP 2 Homecare: What changes need to be made? Could you be unknowingly aggravating your condition? Do we need to prep you skin for treatments to come? What key ingredients are you lacking in your products?

Correct homecare is the key to maintaining and enhancing those results. Key ingredients such as salicylic acid, lytic, retinol, glycolic acid, citric acid, fruit enzymes, zinc and tea tree can all contribute to clearing acne concerns.


Our go to faves for acne management products are:














STEP 3 Treatment: A targeted treatment plan will be created and followed as needed. Treatments that can benefit acne and acne scarring are:






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